Buying and selling tickets made easy with Easebuzz


If you are looking to book event tickets online then Easebuzz is definitely the place for you. Easebuzz offers a wide variety of events hosted by some of the top organizers in the country which gives event-goers in the country a plethora of exciting events to choose from. Booking event tickets on Easebuzz is very simple, just enter a few details, make the payment and you’re done. The ticket comes in the form of an email as well an sms ,any of which can be used to verify you at the venue of the event. Gone are the times where people needed to sometimes travel long distances and wait in long lines with the hope of grabbing a ticket. One can now simply log on to easebuzz, see the events which are available and book their tickets immediately. Tickets are instantly sent via email which contains a QR code which uniquely identifies the transaction and organizers can use the easebuzz app to directly validate your entry at the event.

How is Easebuzz different from other ticket sellers ?

Other event listing websites do not openly allow people to create their events and charge to list the event. This in turn reduces the choice that people get while picking events to go to. Easebuzz is an open and free hosting platform for all types of events. Events listed go through an approval process which ensures that only genuine events are listed for purchase.

Why should I buy from Easebuzz?

The payment process has been simplified to ensure that there are minimal hindrances when you want to book your event ticket online. One can quite literally get their passes online in a couple of minutes without much worry.

How safe is Easebuzz?

Easebuzz implements TLS encryption and match the leading standards when it comes to securing payments. Also Easebuzz does not store any card details or any other such sensitive information. The security measures helps in worry-free payments for people who want to purchase tickets online.

How will Easebuzz help me if I want to sell event tickets online?

Anyone can sign up as a merchant and get their event published within minutes. Once that is done, any number of events can be listed at one place that allows merchants to showcase their events in an attractive manner for absolutely no cost. Merchants also have their own dashboard which gives them complete control and real time data on their events in terms of sales, marketing , analytics and many more features that Easebuzz has to offer. Merchants also get notified on every sale and have got the facility of seeing all their transactions on one page, reconciling the amounts and getting a complete transparent overview on their payouts.

Organizers need not go through the hassle of setting up their own website and payment portal for collecting payments. They can simply set up a digital store on Easebuzz and start selling their event tickets online.

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