Selling Event Tickets/Promoting an Event was never this Easy

EaseBuzz is perhaps the most feature-loaded platform for online event registration as it allows you to register the event and sell online event tickets with an easy to use mobile app integration with EasePay.

Each event has to be registered with our admin for the ticket sales to commence. The event ticket booking button will appear under the icon of your event in our store.

To book tickets online for the event, each user will have to pay using our secure gateway and provide information like name, age, address, etc. A QR code gets generated and is e-mailed to the person seeking the event tickets after successful payment. This QR code can be scanned by the event organizers using our EasePay app to reveal the payment status and other information.

The first step towards a successful event organization is event registration with us. We have a very successful digital marketing strategy to boost your online ticket sale  and our marketeers leave no stone unturned to ensure success in hawking the online tickets. For availing our digital marketing services to promote your event online, please speak to our representative while registering your event with us.

Hope your venue gets packed!


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