As the name suggest, an easy way to buzz. Easebuzz is a website that is perfect for Designers, Writers, film-maker, researchers, Event organizer, Restaurant Owner, Software Developer or an individual who want to sell their product online. An innovative platform created in Pune, India. It is one of the best online payment gateways for Freelancer’s. The transaction process is way too easy and no extra deduction or hidden deduction or hosting fees on transaction that is a free online payment gateway. Individuals can sell their products easily through Easebuzz. The payment gateway is simple and user friendly. Freelancer can build an excellent customer experience.

An individual just need to fill in details of the product and the Digital shop in a second is created. No need to wait for days and days for the approval of every single product. A link is created as soon as the digital shop is made. Folks can easily reach out to people and advertise it by sending links.

All the social media’s commonly used like Facebook, Twitter, What’s App or even through SMS sellers can reach through as many people as he wants. Customers or friends just need to visit that link and the sellers Digital Shop shows the product with all its details and with best online payment service.

Qualities of the Portal

  • 24*7 Service
  • Quick payment without any hassles
  • Demonstrate the product at once to the visitors
  • Get knowledge of the customer through analytics.
  • Free payment gateway
  • Quick creation of digital shop and its link
  • Transparency for all merchants
  • Easy dashboard
  • Fast notification service through mail and SMS to both buyer and seller and many more.

As we all know, India is one of the most online products selling country and have many localized business and they barely get a platform where they can simply list their products for online purchase. So, to meet the requirements Ecommerce payment gateway should be best and simple for its customers.

The portal also provides with services like discount coupons online, online auction stores, discount electronics and toy shop. Other than that, it takes one of the best charges in the market of 5% say for example, if a person had a transaction of 100rs, the deduction will be of 5rs, rest 95rs is in the account.

Easebuzz online payment gateway is best and secured solution of India. Its payment is from trusted sources and authorized from the leading banks of the country. So friends just sign up and get ready to use Easebuzz to sell products online.

Make your event viral with EaseBuzz!

online event registration

Events in India have an irresistible appeal to them as they are a reflection of our vibrant culture. Be it a social gathering on the occasion of Diwali or the famous ‘Dandiya Nights’ in Gujarat, events in India offer a lot of frolic. The only realm where events fail in India is generating a buzz about the event. The problem is not with the entertainment quotient of these events but with the promotion. The success or failure of any event relies on the number and variety of audience it garners. The initial sale of event tickets and the kind of enthusiasm people show at the time of buying the passes are enough to foresee the success or failure of that event.

The event ticket booking as a process commences way ahead of the event date. In fact, one of the most important decisions is to decide the amount of time the tickets have to be made available. If an event is planned for a large audience and the ticket sales take place for a shorter duration of a week or less then the event will be a success is most unlikely. India has a huge internet user base where buying and selling of online tickets is widely trending. An event can be promoted now over various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to boost the online ticket sale. Event Marketing is a relatively new niche for the marketing industry. To market an event successfully one must not ignore the effect of selling online event tickets on the overall popularity of the event. The passes being sold on web platforms are able to add to this popularity because of the high user base in India on social media platforms. Long story short – if you’re not promoting an event online, its success will be highly doubtful.

Online event registration with EaseBuzz is the first and the most formidable step you can take as an event organizer to ensure a successful event. EaseBuzz along with EasePay offer a unique service for selling event tickets online as well as for marketing the events. EaseBuzz lets you register an event after checking the legitimacy of your upcoming event. Once the registration is done, your event will be listed on the EaseBuzz store. Ticket sales commence as soon as the event registration is complete and details have been verified. The entire process happens in a fly with a dedicated client support team at work. With EaseBuzz you enjoy uninterrupted and safest online payment solutions which are done using a 128 Bit SSL gateway . There is no fee for registering an event with us; however, if you want us to market the event as well then it is suggested that you get in touch with our team members for the best advice on event marketing.

To book tickets online via EaseBuzz and EasePay, the process is –

-As soon as a customer buys a ticket and makes payment at EaseBuzz, he is sent a QR Code and a transaction id on his e-mail.

-That QR code will be the entry pass of the customer on the event day. Once scanned with an app, it will reveal all related information like name, email id, cell number, ticket price, and number of tickets purchased.

-As soon as that customer is marked present, the QR code will expire and the customer won’t be able to use it again.

EaseBuzz Contact – https://easebuzz.in/

Phone – (020) 65600200

Support – support@easebuzz.in