Easebuzz- Easing The Task Of Selling Anything Online

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates


The co-founder of Microsoft sure wasn’t joking when he quoted the above. When one speaks about bridging the gap between the manufacturer and consumer, the world of Internet is the first thing that pops into our minds. The common playground has brought products, services – digital and physical, to our doorstep; unlike anything we’ve seen since the beginning of humanity. Ease of access and transparency are just two of the advantages that we are listing among the mammoth that exist.

While it is not rocket science to understand the benefits of E-Commerce from the consumer’s point of view, the same cannot be said for the manufacturers. In the neck-tight competition in this domain, it becomes extremely difficult for manufacturers to reach out to the consumers, let alone garner profits. While many options do exist, none of them promise to be friendly to the poor retailer.

In short, setting up an E-retail business is like trying to hold a burning candle in the rain. However disheartening this might sound, we all are aware of how cruel the online world is. Just when you thought your dreams of being the next big thing were shattered, be aware of a platform that is for everyone who wishes to sell products online directly to his/her audiences.

Now that we’ve offered you shelter, allow us to tell you about Easebuzz. If you are a merchant or a freelancer who wishes to sell his/her product or service on the web, then Easebuzz is the platform you should look out for. For anything that you are willing to sell, you can set up an exclusive online shop that showcases all the products and services that are available. This online store will be in the form of a link that can be shared with anyone you wish. With a panel of technical experts, Easebuzz is bound to ease the task of doing business online.

Keeping in mind what Easebuzz is offering, we are confident of becoming India’s favorite platform for freelancers to sell anything easily & quickly. Everything from our effortless payment solutions to our dedicated support team has been created to bring a hassle-free ecosystem for anyone who wishes to rise in the world of E-Commerce.

Powered by a leading payment processor ‘BillDesk’, one can manage transactions to any bank in India. We are speaking about the market-leader in providing online payment solutions who is linked with over 112 banks and 6 payment options. Thanks to these features, it doesn’t come out as a surprise that over the course of last 18 months, Easebuzz has managed to attract over 1000 unique visitors daily which gives the website an Alexa ranking of 13,452. The platform already has 700 merchants on board with over 500 transactions taking place daily. While the market average dropout rate stands at 15%,Easebuzz manages with a dropout rate less of than 3%.

All these factors are governed by the three foundation stones that helped us build this platform – Visibility, Affordability & Simplicity. These three essential pillars are catered with our exclusive features that are second to none.

Your own shop

You can have your own store in the form of a link. You are entitled to customize your link which can further be shared among your friends and probable customers. This simple mechanism erases out the onerous task of worrying about approvals, visibility, and accessibility. Having your own shop assures you of transparency in every front with respect to the customer information, transaction details, sales information among other important details. With the aforementioned features, we promise you to have one of the best online shops one could ask for.

We get paid, if you get paid

Yes, you read that right! We will be accepting payments only when you sell your product or service. You get to market your product on our website free of cost, where all the hosting and maintenance costs are borne by us. You will be charged only 3 % once you complete a sale. In addition to this, it is noteworthy to highlight that all your customers can receive up to 50% cash back in the form of coupons.

Ease of access

Having a dedicated relationship manager has its own perks. One of them being the privilege of calling him/her when you wish, to clear out any hassles or problems. We also offer marketing solutions in the form of bulk email and SMS along with publishing the same on our page (upon request). Through our smart marketing options, you can reach your potential customers within no time. Furthermore, we have a support team that functions during every hour of the clock to make sure your satisfaction.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and Easebuzz is providing a platform for you to sell what you love. As merchants ourselves, we are aware of how important it is to have a secure solution that caters to your needs; which why we are PCI-DDS compliant and our web servers are handled by Amazon which makes the entire operation absolutely secure. As the name goes, Easebuzz is striving hard to make it easy for each and every one of you.

How to Build an Online Store and Sell Your Products with Easebuzz

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Today, it is imperative for a business to channelize the extensive consumer base that is making its presence felt in many ways. How do you do this? The first and most crucial step is to build an online store for your business. Now, most people would end up assuming that this requires you to build a website. So, until you have the time and money to spare, the concept of getting an online presence ends up getting shelved. What many business owners may not realise is that this shelving is actually costing you your profits in a big way!

As a solution to this problem, business owners can now rely on Easebuzz. The unique platform is developed with a simple mission-to help business owners to sell their products online. Basically, through Easebuzz, business owners get a chance to create their digital branch and the best part is that they get to do it all in just a few clicks!

Building an online store for your business comes with immense benefits. For instance you can reach out to customers all over the country. Your products, services, etc. will address their needs and in turn help you earn their loyalty.

How does the concept work?

To put it simply, Easebuzz is a platform that allows you to create an online branch of your business and reach out to a customer pool that you could otherwise never imagine. All you need to do is create a profile on Easebuzz and follow the instructions.Once the profile is generated, you will get product links. Share these links and get customers from all over to notice the services you offer. The entire process is transparent.

You earn on each transaction that goes through Easebuzz. The dashboard is customised allowing you to track your settlements as well as customers, as and when you want.

Features to simplify and impress

Here is a look at the features of Easebuzz

  • A completely free online extension of your store.

  • Customised dashboard to keep track of payments, transactions and customers on the portal.

  • A simple platform that allows you to sell anything and everything online.

  • Easy to use API

  • The platform is specifically designed to integrate with any ecommerce platform.

  • Easy to access as well as manage to help you generate more business.

  • Sell first pay later. Yes! As long as you don’t get the first transaction through Easebuzz, the platform does not charge you.

  • Bulk uploads are possible allowing you to do more business through our portal.

  • Easy payment options

  • Foolproof notification system that allows you to be updated with every sale or transaction in your business.

Clearly, Easebuzz is a simple platform that allows you to do more business and earn more without demanding too much investment. You can sell event tickets online, sell physical products online, sell digital products online and basically sell services online. So, what are you waiting for? Get your online store today!

To know more sign up on https://easebuzz.in/ !

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How to Sell Digital Products Online with Easebuzz ?


Today, having an online presence can help your business in a big way. Imagine the very need to rely on a physical store is eliminated. Sounds so convenient, doesn’t it? Well, it absolutely is. What’s more is that going online benefits your business in a big way. Now, what if we told you that going online was easy for your business and absolutely cost effective as well. No extra money, no extra efforts, just the right deal for your business. This is Easebuzz, the new digital platform that is uniquely designed to be compatible with all types of business.

What is Easebuzz?

Before we get to the details of how you can sell your products online with Easebuzz, let’s start with understanding the true potential of the platform. For starters, Easebuzz is unlike any other e-commerce platform that you have known. It is really easy to operate. Irrespective of the nature of your business, this platform can help your business gain from an online presence. To put it simply, with Easebuzz, you are just one click away from establishing an online branch of your shop in seconds.

How to use Easebuzz

We are sure that the description of the platform is tempting. And many of you have already made plans to set up your business online. So, let’s get started with exploring the platform. First things first, start with signing up. The signup page is easy. You have to start with logging in your basic details. Give your name, email id and other information on the page. The system will load it in.

On completion of the signup process, the page will send you a confirmation. Now, you have access to everyone who is on Easebuzz. This is like your online business community and you don’t require anything else to establish your network.

The problem it solves

Easebuzz is a unique platform that actually focuses on addressing the big problem that freelancers often face. As a freelancing individual, what do you find is your biggest issue? Connecting with people and selling your work, isn’t it? Well, Easebuzz offers a solution to this platform. Reaching out to customer prospects is tough only if you are approaching them through the wrong platform. However, with Easebuzz we give you an empowered platform.

You can showcase your work, connect with like-minded people and make sales pitches, all this really fast! Another major advantage with Easebuzz is that since the platform is online, you can practically buy or sell at anytime during the day. No more being bound by the physical store timings. So, your customer is free to buy even in the dead of night or early hours of the morning.

This transforms to mean better business growth opportunities. After all, you are working 24 hours a day, all days a week and all through the year. You can earn more. What’s even more interesting is that you have the option of getting quick payments through a hassle free mode. This is something that a lot of freelancing platforms fail to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Better business management

The challenge with doing business is that managing the operations can become quite challenging. As a solution to this problem, Easebuzz offers a complete dashboard that allows you to take stock of your business through a personalized account.

All your sales information is available online in your personalised account. You no longer need to rely on boring documents or detailed paperwork. All important data is safely stored in your personal account on the portal. Also, with Easebuzz, you get a chance to generate links of the products or services that you are sharing. This adds more credibility to the overall business infrastructure especially when you are promoting it.

Genuine sales

Easebuzz has reliable payment gateways that guarantee smooth operations throughout the day. You can buy or sell, anytime of the day, without any issues. Additionally, when you are buying or selling through this portal, you can be rest assured that the sales are genuine. Each time a transaction is completed, the merchant as well as buyer is notified through messages.

Cost Effective

Easebuzz is a platform, more of a mediator that allows you to do your business online. However, for startups and entrepreneurs, this is an extremely cost effective platform. If you are wondering why, the answer to the question is simple. There are no hidden charges or hosting fees that you need to worry about. Just go online, do your business and Easebuzz will only charge 5 % of the amount per transaction completed through the portal. So, we don’t ask you to make investments. We actually ask you to do business. Do business and generate more sales, we only charge a small amount per transaction.

Additionally, if you look at the larger picture, Easebuzz allows you to take your business online in a quick and easy way. It does not ask you to invest in any infrastructure. Any business owner can be a part of the portal by simply signing up and joining the gang.

So, what are you waiting for? Amplify the potential of your business idea by setting up an online branch through Easebuzz today! We promise you that it will help your business grow faster, better and stronger. To put it simply, you will generate online business sales at practically zero investment.

Easebuzz – Freelancer’s favorite platform to sell easy & quick


Easebuzz is a simple and easy to use platform for Freelancers or individual sellers. The objective of this platform is to enable easy payment solutions and provide “Online platform” to every individual seller so that they can sell their products online.

Easebuzz has been started by Rohit Prasad & Vikram kumar who passed out in the year 2011 from Symbiosis International University, Pune. After doing their MBA in IT, they both felt to start on their own. Easebuzz is their second venture, after having started SRV MEDIA PVT LTD. SRV MEDIA PVT LTD is an established firm which focuses on providing Digital media marketing. They both wanted to diversify with a product so that they could explore more with both payment solutions & digital media marketing services.

The idea of this concept crossed our minds in the year 2015, when we saw many individual sellers refraining to sell their products online because creating an online store or an ecommerce store was extremely complicated and expensive. Another major problem faced by most of the sellers these days is related to receiving payments. A merchant faces a lot of problems to receive payments and has to send multiple reminders to collect the same from all of his/her customers. We felt the need to solve this problem by creating a portal that can easily allow anyone to come onboard and start receiving payments online.

Easebuzz is an online platform that allows a merchant to quickly sign-up without much documentation. You just need to fill your KYC documents and Bank details. Once done, we approve your account and then you can login to “Create your own Digital Shop”. Basically, this is a link that allows you to create content related to your product which you can share via Social Media, WhatsApp or through Email & SMS. This allows your customers to know your offering(s) in detail and they can make payments directly. It removes the hassle of negotiations, repeated conversations and the burning time & energy to collect cash. It is an instant solution wherein a merchant can sign-up and start transactions within an hour.

The product development initiated in the year 2015 and it was formally launched in early January 2016. In less than 6 months, we have already received over 1100 sign-ups with over 2000 transactions and 10,000+ unique visitors monthly.

Our primary focus lies in enabling payments globally for all the merchants who face problems while receiving payments online. Our vision also supports the government’s initiative to enhance online payments. The government has recently released policies towards cashless society with initiatives focused on payment banks, Bharat Bill Payment Services, proposal to remove surcharge/convenience fees, etc. We feel that the future roadmap is towards innovation and this is what will make us unique in the market. We are trying our best to help resolve problems related to payments and our core objective is to innovate.

In the next 2-3 years, we want to establish ourselves as a single platform which enables easy online presence with an endtoend payment solution. This should be supported with a very strong technological platform which supports fast payments and less technical glitches.

Our features right now enable –

  • A unique payment link for merchants to receive variable payments online
  • Payment API’s to enable easy transactions over your own website
  • Creation of your webstore with your products/services listed that could be used to receive payments
  • Marketing through custom Email or SMS that could be used for reaching out to potential customers
  • A simple and easy to use Dashboard which captures all payment related information, customer details and payout information
  • You can create as many links as you want for each of the product that you want to sell online.

In the coming years, we aim to position ourselves as a technological company which enables quick & easy online presence for their merchants. For more information, you can visit – https://easebuzz.in/


As the name suggest, an easy way to buzz. Easebuzz is a website that is perfect for Designers, Writers, film-maker, researchers, Event organizer, Restaurant Owner, Software Developer or an individual who want to sell their product online. An innovative platform created in Pune, India. It is one of the best online payment gateways for Freelancer’s. The transaction process is way too easy and no extra deduction or hidden deduction or hosting fees on transaction that is a free online payment gateway. Individuals can sell their products easily through Easebuzz. The payment gateway is simple and user friendly. Freelancer can build an excellent customer experience.

An individual just need to fill in details of the product and the Digital shop in a second is created. No need to wait for days and days for the approval of every single product. A link is created as soon as the digital shop is made. Folks can easily reach out to people and advertise it by sending links.

All the social media’s commonly used like Facebook, Twitter, What’s App or even through SMS sellers can reach through as many people as he wants. Customers or friends just need to visit that link and the sellers Digital Shop shows the product with all its details and with best online payment service.

Qualities of the Portal

  • 24*7 Service
  • Quick payment without any hassles
  • Demonstrate the product at once to the visitors
  • Get knowledge of the customer through analytics.
  • Free payment gateway
  • Quick creation of digital shop and its link
  • Transparency for all merchants
  • Easy dashboard
  • Fast notification service through mail and SMS to both buyer and seller and many more.

As we all know, India is one of the most online products selling country and have many localized business and they barely get a platform where they can simply list their products for online purchase. So, to meet the requirements Ecommerce payment gateway should be best and simple for its customers.

The portal also provides with services like discount coupons online, online auction stores, discount electronics and toy shop. Other than that, it takes one of the best charges in the market of 5% say for example, if a person had a transaction of 100rs, the deduction will be of 5rs, rest 95rs is in the account.

Easebuzz online payment gateway is best and secured solution of India. Its payment is from trusted sources and authorized from the leading banks of the country. So friends just sign up and get ready to use Easebuzz to sell products online.

Make your event viral with EaseBuzz!

online event registration

Events in India have an irresistible appeal to them as they are a reflection of our vibrant culture. Be it a social gathering on the occasion of Diwali or the famous ‘Dandiya Nights’ in Gujarat, events in India offer a lot of frolic. The only realm where events fail in India is generating a buzz about the event. The problem is not with the entertainment quotient of these events but with the promotion. The success or failure of any event relies on the number and variety of audience it garners. The initial sale of event tickets and the kind of enthusiasm people show at the time of buying the passes are enough to foresee the success or failure of that event.

The event ticket booking as a process commences way ahead of the event date. In fact, one of the most important decisions is to decide the amount of time the tickets have to be made available. If an event is planned for a large audience and the ticket sales take place for a shorter duration of a week or less then the event will be a success is most unlikely. India has a huge internet user base where buying and selling of online tickets is widely trending. An event can be promoted now over various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to boost the online ticket sale. Event Marketing is a relatively new niche for the marketing industry. To market an event successfully one must not ignore the effect of selling online event tickets on the overall popularity of the event. The passes being sold on web platforms are able to add to this popularity because of the high user base in India on social media platforms. Long story short – if you’re not promoting an event online, its success will be highly doubtful.

Online event registration with EaseBuzz is the first and the most formidable step you can take as an event organizer to ensure a successful event. EaseBuzz along with EasePay offer a unique service for selling event tickets online as well as for marketing the events. EaseBuzz lets you register an event after checking the legitimacy of your upcoming event. Once the registration is done, your event will be listed on the EaseBuzz store. Ticket sales commence as soon as the event registration is complete and details have been verified. The entire process happens in a fly with a dedicated client support team at work. With EaseBuzz you enjoy uninterrupted and safest online payment solutions which are done using a 128 Bit SSL gateway . There is no fee for registering an event with us; however, if you want us to market the event as well then it is suggested that you get in touch with our team members for the best advice on event marketing.

To book tickets online via EaseBuzz and EasePay, the process is –

-As soon as a customer buys a ticket and makes payment at EaseBuzz, he is sent a QR Code and a transaction id on his e-mail.

-That QR code will be the entry pass of the customer on the event day. Once scanned with an app, it will reveal all related information like name, email id, cell number, ticket price, and number of tickets purchased.

-As soon as that customer is marked present, the QR code will expire and the customer won’t be able to use it again.

EaseBuzz Contact – https://easebuzz.in/

Phone – (020) 65600200

Support – support@easebuzz.in

Buying and selling tickets made easy with Easebuzz


If you are looking to book event tickets online then Easebuzz is definitely the place for you. Easebuzz offers a wide variety of events hosted by some of the top organizers in the country which gives event-goers in the country a plethora of exciting events to choose from. Booking event tickets on Easebuzz is very simple, just enter a few details, make the payment and you’re done. The ticket comes in the form of an email as well an sms ,any of which can be used to verify you at the venue of the event. Gone are the times where people needed to sometimes travel long distances and wait in long lines with the hope of grabbing a ticket. One can now simply log on to easebuzz, see the events which are available and book their tickets immediately. Tickets are instantly sent via email which contains a QR code which uniquely identifies the transaction and organizers can use the easebuzz app to directly validate your entry at the event.

How is Easebuzz different from other ticket sellers ?

Other event listing websites do not openly allow people to create their events and charge to list the event. This in turn reduces the choice that people get while picking events to go to. Easebuzz is an open and free hosting platform for all types of events. Events listed go through an approval process which ensures that only genuine events are listed for purchase.

Why should I buy from Easebuzz?

The payment process has been simplified to ensure that there are minimal hindrances when you want to book your event ticket online. One can quite literally get their passes online in a couple of minutes without much worry.

How safe is Easebuzz?

Easebuzz implements TLS encryption and match the leading standards when it comes to securing payments. Also Easebuzz does not store any card details or any other such sensitive information. The security measures helps in worry-free payments for people who want to purchase tickets online.

How will Easebuzz help me if I want to sell event tickets online?

Anyone can sign up as a merchant and get their event published within minutes. Once that is done, any number of events can be listed at one place that allows merchants to showcase their events in an attractive manner for absolutely no cost. Merchants also have their own dashboard which gives them complete control and real time data on their events in terms of sales, marketing , analytics and many more features that Easebuzz has to offer. Merchants also get notified on every sale and have got the facility of seeing all their transactions on one page, reconciling the amounts and getting a complete transparent overview on their payouts.

Organizers need not go through the hassle of setting up their own website and payment portal for collecting payments. They can simply set up a digital store on Easebuzz and start selling their event tickets online.

What is Easebuzz ?

Easebuzz is a simple and easy to use platform for Freelancers or individuals who want to sell their products online. Easebuzz is a perfect platform if you are a

  • Designer
  • Writer
  • Researcher
  • Event organizer
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Software Developer
  • Or an individual who wants to sell products online

We have made a simple and easy to use platform whereby which you can just fill in the details of your product and create your own Digital shop in a fly. You don’t have wait for days to get your products approved. It is simple and easy. This is why we call this portal “Easebuzz”. Easebuzz is a simplified platform for users who want to reach out to their potential and existing customers easily just by using a link. Just create your Digital shop and share that link everywhere. Easebuzz is one of the best online payments solution for Freelancer

You can sell easily through an email to your friends, On Facebook, Twitter and all other Social media platforms. You can also Whatsapp/SMS this link to your favourite groups. Buyers can simply click and visit your digital shop to purchase your product online.

The problem statement

The reason why we thought of this portal was because of the difficulties a freelancer or any individual faces while selling a product to his/her potential customers. Moreover, we also see many a times that reaching out to customers become difficult. This could be because of the busy schedule of the buyer or may be because you do not get opportunities to show your offerings well. To solve this problem with ease, we built this product so as to enable selling for everybody who has to sell his products online. Selling online makes life simple. It is easy for you to

  • Show your products at once
  • Get paid quickly without hassles
  • Know your customers through source of data (Analytics)
  • Get an opportunity to purchase during any time of the day

We see that India especially has a huge market of sellers who have a localized business. They do not get a platform where they can just list their products for online purchase. We also see that the market is potentially increasing and will be there for a long time to come.

Features of this platform

We are building a lot many things every now and then, however currently we are having the below main features –

  • Digital Shop – A link gets created here, the moment you fill in the details of your product. There are no limitations to the link that is being generated. You can make as many links as you want..
  • Sales Information – All sales related information with respect to total amount sold, customer information ,etc gets captured so as to enable transparency for all merchants
  • Simplified Dashboard – This where you are able to see all your information at one place.
  • Notifications after every sale. Each of the merchant and buyer gets notified quick through our SMS And email system the moment they sell or buy an item respectively.

Why you should use Easebuzz ?

We are not like the big portals for example – Amazon or Flipkart but we have tried hard to make this platform an easy to use platform for everyone. We do not charge you anything unless you do not do a transaction. Our charges are one of the best in the market. We charge only 5% for each transaction that you do. It means that if you do a transaction of suppose 100 Rs then we charge you Rs 5 and rest Rs 95 gets transacted in your account automatically. No hosting fees or any hidden charges are involved. No extra charges. Just 5% and everything else is easy.

Users who wish to sell their products online should now start selling quickly. You can now sell on internet with an easy payment solution integrated for you. Just sign up and start using Easebuzz. Do not forget to write us on support@easebuzz.in for any question or concerns.